Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej has died at age 88 - photo origin unknown
Thai king Bhomibol Adulyadej died on Thursday at age 88 at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. Adulyadej was the world's longest-serving monarch, reigning on the throne for over seventy-years. 

While the king had suffered many ailments over the last ten years, the royal household bureau said he “passed away peacefully”.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on December 5, 1927, Adulyadej was very well-loved and revered in Thailand and throughout the world. Over the course of his rule, beginning in 1946, he intervened in many crises that threatened Thailand's security, and  survived over a dozen coup attempts.

Succeeding to the throne will be Adulyadej's son, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

monarch - king / queen
to reign - to rule (as king, dictator, etc.)
ailments - illnesses
coup attempt - an act of trying to control government power (by using military force / violence)

revered - very respected
to intervene - to do something to stop, affect, improve, and/or change some event
crises - plural of crisis - a very dangerous situation that could get worse
heir to the throne - the next person to be king / queen
to succeed - to be / go next


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