Hurricane Matthew has already hit parts of Jamaica - photo by BBC video
The strong Atlantic Ocean storm, Hurricane Matthew, is travelling across the Caribbean and has already hit parts of Jamaica. Locals in the capital of Kingston are now battling flooding which is blocking streets and roads. 

The hurricane has been declared a Category Four storm, bringing 40 inches of rain, landslides, and flooding. 

Much damage is expected in Haiti where the storm will reach the country's south-west later today. Officials in Haiti are telling people to stock food and water and secure their homes. 

The hurricane is expected to reach eastern Cuba soon.

Experts have predicted that Haiti and Cuba will experience the worst part of the storm, and a disaster is being anticipated as 1300 aid workers are already in Haiti. 

Hurricane Matthew is one of the most powerful ocean storms experienced in recent years.

to battle - to fight against
a flood - too much water is on land where people live making it extremely dangerous
a disaster - a terrible event that causes much damage and even death
to anticipate - to expect and wait for


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