President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines poses with members of the Philippine army - photo by Romeo Ranoco / REUTERS
In a speech on Tuesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told president Barack Obama that he can "go to hell", and said that if the USA will not sell arms to Philippines, then he will go to Russia and China. 

"Instead of helping us, the first to hit was the State Department. So you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell," he said.

Duterte also said that he may "break up with America".

The Philippine leader's comments were directed at the USA president because of Obama's recent public reproach of Duterte over the crackdown on drug addicts in his country. The crackdown has led to approximately 2000 deaths so far. 

Duterte told Obama, "If you don't want to sell arms, I'll go to Russia. I sent the generals to Russia and Russia said 'do not worry, we have everything you need, we'll give it to you'." 

Concerning China, Duterte said, "And as for China, they said 'just come over and sign and everything will be delivered'."

Talking about the European Union, Duterte said, "EU better choose purgatory, hell is filled up."

"Although it may sound shit to you, it is my sacred duty to keep the integrity of this republic and the people healthy," Duterte also said during the speech.

arms - weapons (guns, missiles, bombs, etc.)
reproach - an expression of disapproval and/or disappointment

crackdown - strong-armed campaign (by authorities) to stop something from happening
approximately - close to, but not exactly
sacred - connected to God; very serious
duty - responsibility
integrity - extreme honesty and the state/condition of being whole and undivided
People of Philippines protest against the USA - photo by Aaron Favila / AP


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