Russia's President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of plotting attacks - photo by Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images
Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of resorting to violence rather than peace talks following a Wednesday report by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB). The report says that an attack on Crimea planned by Ukraine has been thwarted by Russian military in an armed clash and that two Russian soldiers were killed while 'arresting terrorists'.

"I think it is obvious to everyone now that the current Kiev authorities are not seeking a way to solve the problems through talks but have chosen terror," Putin said in a press conference today. "We obviously will not let such things slide by.'

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko has denied Russia's claims and said, "These fantasies are only a pretext for making more military threats against Ukraine."

Ukraine and Russia were set to meet in China in the Normandy format, a group of representatives from Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany whose goal is to resolve the Crimea-dispute between Russia and Ukraine sparked after Russia annexed the region in 2014. 

Putin said during the news conference that now there is 'no point' to the meeting. 

to accuse - to say someone did something (without showing proof)
to resort to _ - to use something / do something only because you say you have no other choice
to thwart - to stop a plan of attack before it happens

to slide by - to go unpunished or without consequences

to annex - to make a region apart of another country
no point to __ - no reason to do something

Journalist and outspoken critic of leaders in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, Pavel Sheremet was killed in a car bomb - photo by Sergei Chuzavkov / AP
Journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in Kiev, Ukraine today by a car bomb that exploded underneath his vehicle while he was driving to work to conduct his morning radio show.

Sheremet was a reporter for the internet news medium Ukraninian Pravda and had been an outspoken critic of the leaders of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. Aide to the interior minister said that his professional work was likely a motive for the murder. 

The founder of Ukraninian Pravda, Georgiy Gongadz, was kidnapped and murdered 16 years ago.

Sheremet has been described by The New York Times as "known for his crusading reports about political abuses in Belarus" and "a thorn in the side of Lukashenko's autocratic government".

In his last blogpost, Sheremet had wrote that some militia commanders from the east Ukraine conflict had evaded judgement for past crimes.

medium (plural: media) - ways of giving information to people (newspapers, television, websites, etc.)

outspoken - very direct and honest when sharing one's opinion
critic - someone who (formally) complains about something

motive - reason for doing something
founder - the person who started a business or organization
militia - an army of non-professional soldiers
evade - escape