A man has set fire to a train and six people have been stabbed while travelling near Salez, Switzerland - photo Google Streetview
A man has set fire to a train travelling near Salez in St Gallen Canton, Switzerland and six people aboard have been stabbed. 

The attacker, a 27-year old Swiss man, released a flammable liquid on board the train and set it on fire, then attacked people with a knife leaving six injured including a six-year old child.

The attack occurred at 14:20 local time.


to set fire - to start a fire with / on something
flammable - able to burn extremely easily and very quickly
aboard (adverb) - on a train, plane, etc.
stabbed - pierced and injured with a sharp object (knife) 
on board - while travelling on a train, airplane, etc.

A man has attacked a train in Salez, Switzerland - photo Keystone