A knife attack in Japan has kill d 15 and injured 45 people - photo by KYODO/Reuters
A man has attacked a facility for disabled people in Japan early Tuesday morning killing 15 people and injuring 45 others. The facility is located in Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo.

The 26-year old attacker, who was a former-employee of the facility, has turned himself in to police and admitted to committing the attack.

This incident is the worst crime in Japan's postwar history. 

facility - a place that provides a service to people
disabled (adjective) - having a mental or physical challenge / problem

to turn oneself in - to go to the police so they can arrest you after committing a crime
to admit - to confess doing something / being something
to commit __ - to do something (serious)
postwar - after the war (World War II)

Police and ambulance on the scene at a French Alps resort were a woman and her three daughters were stabbed and seriously injured - photo by The Telegraph
A French woman and her three daughters were all stabbed and seriously wounded by a Moroccan-born man at French Alps resort Garde-Colombe, near Laragne, in southern France on Tuesday. The attacker was arrested after the assault.

The man37, named only as Mohammed B., who was staying at the resort with his pregnant wife and two children, stabbed the daughters outside of their chalet while they were eating breakfast at around 10 a.m., and then went inside the chalet and stabbed their mother. 

The youngest girl, 8, was rushed to hospital with a punctured lung.

Reports claim the man, was angry at the woman and her daughters for being scantily-clad, wearing only t-shirts and shorts, yet this has been denied by local prosecutor. 

French television channel TFI said that the man had religious motives for the attack, however the local prosecutor has denied that as well. 

TFI also reported that the woman had helped the man the night before the attack because he had been ill. 

to stab (verb) - to severely pierce someone with a sharp object (knife)
wounded - injured with blood spilled
chalet - a small wooden house found in the Alps / mountains (cabin)
punctured lung - a lung that has been stabbed with something

scantily-clad - wearing (a little amount of) clothing that shows much skin
motive (noun) - the reason for doing something