Kun Shan Chun, 46, outside of a New York City court - photo by Nate Raymond / REUTERS
A China-born US-citizen and a longtime USA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employee pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of 'acting as an agent of China' and admitted to sending Chinese officials sensitive information about the USA government.

Kun Shan Chun, 46, who worked as an electronics technician for the FBI since 1997, was secretly arrested in March 2016. He now faces 10 years in prison.

In order to gain top secret clearance while working for the FBI, Chun was expected to inform them on questionnaires of any foreign contacts that he had and he failed to do so. Chun also lied about travelling to meet his contacts at Chinese technology company Kolion, where he did research and consulted in exchange for benefits.

In meetings with an FBI undercover agent, Chun said he could introduce the agent to his Chinese contacts and only required a small amount of money for his introductions.

Chun is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

to plead - to declare in court if one is guilty or not guilty
one count - one complete act 
to face - to (possibly) experience
undercover (adjective) - hiding the fact that someone is a police officer in order to catch a criminal
top secret clearance - the ability to access secret government information
questionnaire - a form that an organization asks a person to complete in order to give them personal information
FBI undercover agent - an FBI agent who pretends to not be an FBI agent

foreign contacts - business / social associates from another country; people from another country who someone does business with
to be sentenced - to be given a punishment in court