Protesters are throwing bottles, fireworks, and gun shots were heard during demonstrations against the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott - photo by BBC video
Public displays of violence and rage over the recent police shooting of a black man continue in Charlotte, North Carolina as the governor has declared a state of emergency in the city.

On Tuesday, Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a black officer causing public protest in the city and throughout the country. Scott was the third USA black man shot by police in a week.

The police shot Scott as they saw him leave a car with a handgun. Police said they told Scott to drop the gun several times before he was shot. The Scott family, however, claims he was carrying nothing but a book. Dash-cam footage is still being reviewed by officials. 

It is legal to carry a gun in North Carolina, but a permit is required to carry and conceal it.

Protests in Charlotte began peacefully yet became violent the second day as protesters started throwing bottles and fireworks at police, destroying property, looting, and gun shots were fired and one person injured.

Riot police are using tear gas as they are facing hundreds of protesters at once.

Police have reported four officers injured so far.


display - a showing
rage - intense anger
governer - the leader of a state of the USA
state of emergency - a declaration of a very dangerous situation in a particular area

dash-cam footage - video taken from a police car
a permit - a special license allowing someone to do something legally

to conceal - to hide 
property - things people own (cars, bikes, buildings, phones, houses, etc.)
to loot - to break and steal during a mob
riot - a large, uncontrollable mob (group) of people causing violence and havoc (trouble)
tear gas - special chemicals released to make people cry and run away

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Riot police are using tear gas amid violent protests in Charlotte, NC - photo by Brian Bianco / GETTY