Russian special forces raid an apartment complex in St. Petersburg killing four militants - photo AFP
Russian special forces raided an apartment complex in St. Petersburg today and killed four militants believed to be linked to Islamic terror groups of the North Caucacus region. 

The militants exchanged gun fire with police and wounded on officer before being killed.

Russian police raided the 16-story apartment in daylight and did not evacuate any people beforehand.

Three of the men were wanted by Russian police because of their connections to past terror attacks and were known to be leaders of the terrorist underground in the Kabardino-Balkharia region of the North Caucasus.

An armed rebellion in the Nort
h Caucacus region follows two past conflicts between Russia and Chechnya-separatists.

Another incident in Russia occurred in Moscow where two men attacked traffic police with guns and axes. The men, who were reported to be from Central Asia, injured two police officers before being shot and killed by police. 

to raid - to suddenly go to a place and confront someone to arrest them or take something from them
apartment complex - an area of many of the same style of apartments; a neighborhood of apartments
militant - a person involved in military action that has opinions that are extreme (against government, violent, religious, etc.)
evacuate - to suddenly send people away because of an emergency
underground - a system that works in secret (because it is illegal and wants to hide from police / government)
armed - with guns and other weapons
rebellion - a struggle against rulers / authority 
separatists - a group of people who want to leave a country and form their own different country