The wife of Keith Lamont Scott has released her private video of the incident of her husband's killing - photo from Scott Family video
The wife of Keith Lamont Scott, the black man shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, has released her private video of part of the incident to media. 

While the video does not show the actual shooting, police can be heard telling Scott, "Drop the gun!" and Scott's wife can be heard telling police to not shoot her husband, that "...he didn't do anything..." and that "...he doesn't have a gun."

Police were originally in the area to serve a warrant to someone else, when they engaged Scott because they saw him leave his car with what they claim looked like a gun. Scott's family insists that he was only carrying a book.

Charlotte officials have not yet released police dash-cam footage of the incident. 

Following three days of protests in Charlotte that have turned violent, mayor Jennifer Roberts has imposed a curfew from 12 am to 6 am in the city. 

A state of emergency in the city was declared yesterday.

to serve a warrant - to arrest someone wanted by police
a warrant - an official document from police that orders them to arrest someone
dash-cam footage - video taken from a police car
to impose - to make it happen and give people no choice
curfew - a law that declares a time limited that people are allowed to be outside in public