An Emirates plane flying from Thiruvananthapuram, India crash landed at Dubai International Airport Wednesday - photo by Al Arabiya
An Emirates Boeing 777 plane carrying 300 people crash landed at Dubai International Airport today before exploding into flames. Everyone on board survived the crash as all 282 passengers and 18 flight crew were evacuated before the explosion.

One firefighter was killed while working to extinguish the fire and to save the people on board. 

The cause of the crash has not yet been confirmed, but some have said the dry heat and wind were a factor. The fire is believed to have started when one of the plane's engines on its right wing was ripped out when it hit the landing. It has also been reported that the pilots said they wanted to cancel the landing before the crash. 

The plane had left from Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram, India at 10:19 am and was expected to land in Dubai at 12:50 pm. 

Thirteen of the passengers have suffered minor injuries in the crash.

landing - the act of a plane coming back to earth
to land - to park a plane on the ground after being in the air
to explode - to suddenly and violently expand 

explosion - a sudden violent outburst (for example, a bomb)
flames - strands of fire
flight crew - those people working on a plane

to evacuate - to send people away (to safety) very quickly after an accident, attack, etc.
to extinguish - to stop from burning

confirmed - to be 100% known because of evidence
factor - something that helps to cause / effect something
landing - the strip of land where a plane arrives back onto the ground
people on board - people on a plane, boat, etc.

minor - not very serious