German teen Maria Ladenburger was raped and then drowned in October. An Afghan refugee has been arrested - photo FACEBOOK
The body of 19-year old German teen Maria Ladenburger was found in the River Dreisam in October. On Friday, an Afghani refugee was arrested for her rape and murder by drowning.

Ladenburger was a medical student who had volunteered at a shelter for refugees and her father, Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, is a lawyer working for the European Commission.

A strand of dark hair that was dyed blonde was found at the crime scene and led police to a 17-year-old Afghani, only known as Hussein K, who arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor in 2015. 

David Müller, head of the police’s Special Commission said that, "The 19-year-old student had been at a party. By 2.37am, she left the party. Maria L. then cycled home, as usual."

The alleged rapist and killer is believed to have arrived in Germany in 2015 along with one million other asylum seekers. Police are still investigating whether the attack was planned, and if the suspect knew Ladenburger. 

A spokesperson for Alternative for Germany, a political party, has said that this tragedy exemplifies the 'dangers' of unregulated immigration, and that Ladenburger was a victim of Chancellor Angela Merkel's 'welcome culture'.

dyed - artificially colored
unaccompanied - with no one else; being alone

minor - under 18 years of age
alleged - believed to have done something (but not yet proven)

refugee - a person entering a safe country after escaping a dangerous place (country)
asylum seeker - refugee
spokesperson - a person who speaks for a group
exemplifies - is an example of _
'welcome culture' - the act of easily inviting strangers into your country

Pope Francis speaks to reporters on his flight to Poland - photo AP
In response to the recent church-attack and slaying of 85-year old priest Jacques Hamel in Normandy, France yesterday,  Pope Francis spoke to reporters on his papal flight to Poland and said that the recent flood of Islamic State-related attacks in Europe are proof that "the world is at war." The pope added, "but it is not a war of religions."

Francis said that all religions want peace, but it is the "others" who want war. He said these people want "a war of interests, for money and resources."

"The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war," Francis said.

"We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace."

Pope Francis is in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day. 

slaying - a ruthless (no mercy) murder
papal - relating to the pope
flood - a sudden large amount of something that occurs / is experienced / becomes available
flight - a plane trip

Jacques Hamel was conducting morning mass when two attackers stormed his church and slit his throat - photo AFP
Two armed men stormed into a church in southern France this morning and killed a priest and took four people hostage. Police eventually surrounded the church and shot both attackers dead. 

The two men, who said they were of the Islamic State (IS), burst into the church in Saint Etienne-du-Rouvray while a priest was conducting mass, 
made him kneel, and then slit his throat. 

The priest, Jacques Hamel, was 84-years old and has been described as 'an extraordinary person' by members of the community. 

Witnesses say the attackers recorded themselves and conducted a sermon in Arabic after they killed Hamel.

Some hours following the assault, the IS-related Amaq news agency reported that 'IS-soldiers' were responsible for the attack. 

This follows a recent string of Islamic State-related public onslaughts and massacres throughout France, Germany, and Europe that appear to be happening on a regular basis. 

armed - having weapons
to storm - to suddenly enter
to take hostage  - to take (kidnap) as a prisoner

to burst into - to suddenly enter
to conduct - to do something (formally)
to kneel - to go down on one's knees
to slit - to make a long narrow cut
extraordinary - very special
a sermon - a religious talk done by a leader / presenter
a recent string - a current course of related events

onslaught - a terrible attack
French special forces raid the church and shot the attackers dead - photo REUTERS
A knife attack in Japan has kill d 15 and injured 45 people - photo by KYODO/Reuters
A man has attacked a facility for disabled people in Japan early Tuesday morning killing 15 people and injuring 45 others. The facility is located in Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo.

The 26-year old attacker, who was a former-employee of the facility, has turned himself in to police and admitted to committing the attack.

This incident is the worst crime in Japan's postwar history. 

facility - a place that provides a service to people
disabled (adjective) - having a mental or physical challenge / problem

to turn oneself in - to go to the police so they can arrest you after committing a crime
to admit - to confess doing something / being something
to commit __ - to do something (serious)
postwar - after the war (World War II)

Special police secure the streets of Munich, Germany where gunmen have shot and killed multiple people - photo by Felix Hoerhager / EPA
Special police forces in Germany have entered the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in Munich, Germany to search for a shooter and/or shooters who have shot and killed multiple people.

Some witnesses said they saw three attackers with long guns. 

Other reports say that there has also been a shooting at a train station nearby the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall.

multiple - more than one or two
Journalist and outspoken critic of leaders in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, Pavel Sheremet was killed in a car bomb - photo by Sergei Chuzavkov / AP
Journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in Kiev, Ukraine today by a car bomb that exploded underneath his vehicle while he was driving to work to conduct his morning radio show.

Sheremet was a reporter for the internet news medium Ukraninian Pravda and had been an outspoken critic of the leaders of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. Aide to the interior minister said that his professional work was likely a motive for the murder. 

The founder of Ukraninian Pravda, Georgiy Gongadz, was kidnapped and murdered 16 years ago.

Sheremet has been described by The New York Times as "known for his crusading reports about political abuses in Belarus" and "a thorn in the side of Lukashenko's autocratic government".

In his last blogpost, Sheremet had wrote that some militia commanders from the east Ukraine conflict had evaded judgement for past crimes.

medium (plural: media) - ways of giving information to people (newspapers, television, websites, etc.)

outspoken - very direct and honest when sharing one's opinion
critic - someone who (formally) complains about something

motive - reason for doing something
founder - the person who started a business or organization
militia - an army of non-professional soldiers
evade - escape