Special police secure the streets of Munich, Germany where gunmen have shot and killed multiple people - photo by Felix Hoerhager / EPA
Special police forces in Germany have entered the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in Munich, Germany to search for a shooter and/or shooters who have shot and killed multiple people.

Some witnesses said they saw three attackers with long guns. 

Other reports say that there has also been a shooting at a train station nearby the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall.

multiple - more than one or two
An Antonov-32 transporter plane of the India air force is missing - photo by INDIAN AIR FORCE
The Indian air force has told reporters that an Indian military plane flying over the Bay of Bengal with over 20 passengers has gone missing. 

The aircraft is a Russian-made Antonov-32 transporter plane that left Channai at 08:30 local time for Port Bl
air in the eastern archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar and was expected to land there at 11:30. 

India has sent out four aircraft, 12 ships, and a submarine to search for the plane. 

The plane was one out of 100 Antonov-32s in the Indian air force.

aircraft - a pane, airplane, etc.
submarine - a vehicle that travels underwater