Mohammed El Halabi has been accused of diverting money from World Vision to Hamas - photo by Dudu Grunshpan / Agence France-Presse - Getty Images
Israel has accused a worker of the international Christian-charity group World Vision of redirecting large sums of their donations to Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization, Hamas.

A senior Israeli security official has said that Mohammed El Halabi, a Palestinian who has been the manager of World Vision in Gaza since 2010, diverted $7.2 million per year that was supposed to be used to help poor people in Gaza to Hamas to help them buy weapons and other provisions. The official said that El Halabi was recruited by Hamas in 2004 with the purpose of infiltrating World Vision and taking advantage of their resources.

World Vision has denied these claims. "Based on the information available to us at this time, we have no reason to believe that the allegations are true," a representative of the charity said. "We will carefully review any evidence presented to us and will take appropriate actions based on that evidence."

A spokesmen for Hamas has said that they have "no connection to [Halabi] and therefore, all Israeli accusations are void and aim to suppress our people."

a charity - an organization that helps people in need

to accuse - to say someone did something wrong (without showing proof / evidence)
to redirect - to change the direction of something so it goes somewhere else
donations - money given by people to a charity to help other people in need

supposed to _ - expected to _
to divert - to make something go in a different direction
provisions - supplies
to recruit - to try to find someone and hire them to work for an organization
to infiltrate - to secretly joing a group to spy on them and hurt them
to take advantage of - to use someone or their resources only for your own gain / benefit
accusations (noun) - claims that someone did something without showing proof / evidence
spokesman - a man who speaks for an organization

Pope Francis speaks to reporters on his flight to Poland - photo AP
In response to the recent church-attack and slaying of 85-year old priest Jacques Hamel in Normandy, France yesterday,  Pope Francis spoke to reporters on his papal flight to Poland and said that the recent flood of Islamic State-related attacks in Europe are proof that "the world is at war." The pope added, "but it is not a war of religions."

Francis said that all religions want peace, but it is the "others" who want war. He said these people want "a war of interests, for money and resources."

"The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war," Francis said.

"We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace."

Pope Francis is in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day. 

slaying - a ruthless (no mercy) murder
papal - relating to the pope
flood - a sudden large amount of something that occurs / is experienced / becomes available
flight - a plane trip

Wefaq in Bahrain dissolved - photo by Reuters
In the Sunni-led country of Bahrain, a court has ordered the main political opposition group, Wefaq, dissolved and its assets seized, sources say. 

The Shia-Muslim Wefaq has advocated for the rights of Shia citizens and has led pro-democracy protests since 2011 when 30 people and police officers were killed afteKing Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa brought in troops from neighboring Sunni-led Gulf states to maintain order.

Last month, the justice minister asked the court to dissolve Wefaq, and an appeal court doubled the prison sentence of Wefaq's secretary-general Sheikh Ali Salman. Before the appeal, Salman was acquitted in court of trying to overthrow the government by force. 

The organization Human Rights Watch has claimed that Salman's court trial was unfair. 

to order (verb) - to tell a servant to do something
political opposition - a group of politicians that argue against the political group that is the leader
to dissolve (verb) - to end by force
assets (noun) - valuables, usually money / property (land, buildings, etc.)

to seize (verb) - to take by force
sources - the origin of a story
to advocate (verb) - to support; to fight for
pro-democracy - in support of democracy (government elected and controlled by citizens)
to maintain (verb) - to keep
order (noun) - peace
justice minister - a government official
appeal - a court intended to reverse a decision

to double (verb) - to make it   x 2  ("times 2" - twice the size)
to acquit - to no longer accuse and let them free
Wefaq's Sheikh Salman - photo AFP