Pope Francis speaks to reporters on his flight to Poland - photo AP
In response to the recent church-attack and slaying of 85-year old priest Jacques Hamel in Normandy, France yesterday,  Pope Francis spoke to reporters on his papal flight to Poland and said that the recent flood of Islamic State-related attacks in Europe are proof that "the world is at war." The pope added, "but it is not a war of religions."

Francis said that all religions want peace, but it is the "others" who want war. He said these people want "a war of interests, for money and resources."

"The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war," Francis said.

"We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace."

Pope Francis is in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day. 

slaying - a ruthless (no mercy) murder
papal - relating to the pope
flood - a sudden large amount of something that occurs / is experienced / becomes available
flight - a plane trip

Roger Ailes and wife Elizabeth Tilson. Ailes has quit Fox News - photo by DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES
As anticipated by the media following the sexual harassment allegations from former-Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes has resigned as CEO of Fox News.

Gretchen Carlson was fired from Fox News on June 23 and then shortly after filed a law suit against Ailes for sexual harassment. Kelly followed with her sexual harassment allegations against Ailes soon after.

In a press release, executive chairman of 21st Cetnruy Fox Rupert Murdoch said, "Roger Ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country.  Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organization and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years."

Ailes' decision coincides with 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's acceptance speech in Cleveland, Ohio tonight at the final day of the Republican National Convention.

to anticipate (verb) - to expect and wait for something to happen
sexual harassment - the unwelcome act of someone who tries to be sexual with someone while at their job
allegations (noun) - the act of someone saying that someone did something wrong without showing proof

coincide - to happen at the same time
nominee (noun) - a party's or group's candidate selection during an election