German police arrest five IS suspects (left) - photo GETTY IMAGES. One of those arrested was Abu Walaa (right), "the preacher without a face" - photo from Youtube.
Five people suspected of being connected to Islamic State (IS) have been arrested in Germany, one of whom is believed to be a jihadist leader. 

Raids were conducted on apartments in northern and western Germany and on a mosque in Hildesheim near Hanover. 

Among those arrested was a 32-year old Iraqi man, identified by Germany's NDR TV as Ahmad Abdelazziz. Abdelazziz goes by the alias, Abu Walaa, or "the preacher without a face", because of his internet videos showing him wearing black and preaching with his back to the camera. Officials say Walaa was in charge of calling for and organizing jihad in Germany. 

The information which led to the raids was given to German police by a 22-year old jihadist who fought with IS for several months in Syria, but then escaped to Turkey. In an interview with police, this man, named Anil O, referred to Walaa as "IS's number one in Germany". 

All those arrested are suspected of recruiting people for IS and aiding terrorism.

jihad - a religious war
raid - the act of going to a place and suddenly confronting someone to arrest them or take something from them

alias - an alternate name / identity
in charge of - the boss of something
to recruit - to try to get someone to work (fight) for / with you

Soldiers in Niger fight against Islamic jihadists - photo AFP
Islamist jihadist militants attacking a prison in Niger on Monday have been stopped by security forces. The prison, located 40 km away from the capital of Niamey, was holding 100 jihadists as prisoners. These prisoners were from the Nigeria-based Islamic jihadist group, Boko Haram, and from other groups linked to al-Qaeda.

One attacker was killed, while the others are being pursued by security forces. Two prison guards were injured in the attack that occurred at around 4:30 am. 

Officials believe the attackers are apart of Mujao, an Islamic jihadist group associated with al-Qaeda and based in Mali. Many Islamic jihadists groups are known to be located in Mali. 

This failed attack comes a week after German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Niger to discuss migration, aid, and security.

militants - fighters in an army
jihadist - an Islamist militant fighting because of religious reasons

to pursue - to chase (try to find and catch)
migration - people moving from one place (country) to another

aid - help (financial, etc.)