Civilians Giovanni Lo Porto, left, and Warren Weistein were killed by a US drone strike in Pakistan - photo by FACEBOOK (left) and AFP (right)
The USA has paid the family of Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto, 37, $1.2 million after a USA drone strike in Pakistan killed him while he was held hostage by al-Qaeda. 

The family of Warren Weinstein, 73, a USA citizen, was also paid money by the USA. Weinstein, who had lived in Pakistan for seven years and worked as a development worker, was kidnapped in his Lahore, Pakistan home in 2011. 

USA president Barack Obama announced the incident last April and said that he regretted the killings. US officials have also stated that they did not believe any civilians were present in location of the attack, a border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

USA citizen Ahmed Farouq, described as an al-Qaeda leader, was also killed in the drone strike. 

drone strike - a military attack by drones (human-less military aircraft)
aid worker - someone who helps poor people in another country as their job
to hold hostageto take (kidnap) as a prisoner
to kidnap - to forcibly take someone to another place and not let them leave

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