Aaron Driver, 24, warns Canada, "we thirst for your blood." - photo by a video by Aaron Driver
Following a tip from the FBI, Canada's RCMP confronted a man who recorded a video warning Canada against future terrorist attacks in the name of the Islamic State [ISIS]. 

Aaron Driver, 24, was killed while police were attempting to arrest him in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday. The RCMP say Driver planned to commit a suicide bombing in an urban area.

In the video, Driver accuses Canada of 'fighting against the Islamic State' and said, "there's a fire burning in the chest of every Muslim and this fire can be cooled only by the spilling your blood."

Last year, Driver had been arrested in Winnipeg, Canada on suspicion of terrorism. He was released and placed under a peace bond where he agreed not to use a computer, not to move away, not to be in the company of other suspected terrorists, among other conditions.

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted (on a horse) Police
a tip from __ - special / secret information from __

to confront - to suddenly find and meet and interact with
suicide bombing - a person detonates (activates) a bomb that kills many people and kills himself / herself as well
urban area - a crowded, busy area (city, shopping mall, etc.)
suspicion of terrorism - when police believe someone may be a terrorist
peace bond - after being arrested, to pay money and sign to agree to follow certain conditions without going to court

in the company of - being around these people; being in the presence of these people; associating with __
Aaron Driver told Canada, "You will pay for everything you ever brought against us [IS]." - photo FACEBOOK