Wefaq in Bahrain dissolved - photo by Reuters
In the Sunni-led country of Bahrain, a court has ordered the main political opposition group, Wefaq, dissolved and its assets seized, sources say. 

The Shia-Muslim Wefaq has advocated for the rights of Shia citizens and has led pro-democracy protests since 2011 when 30 people and police officers were killed afteKing Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa brought in troops from neighboring Sunni-led Gulf states to maintain order.

Last month, the justice minister asked the court to dissolve Wefaq, and an appeal court doubled the prison sentence of Wefaq's secretary-general Sheikh Ali Salman. Before the appeal, Salman was acquitted in court of trying to overthrow the government by force. 

The organization Human Rights Watch has claimed that Salman's court trial was unfair. 

to order (verb) - to tell a servant to do something
political opposition - a group of politicians that argue against the political group that is the leader
to dissolve (verb) - to end by force
assets (noun) - valuables, usually money / property (land, buildings, etc.)

to seize (verb) - to take by force
sources - the origin of a story
to advocate (verb) - to support; to fight for
pro-democracy - in support of democracy (government elected and controlled by citizens)
to maintain (verb) - to keep
order (noun) - peace
justice minister - a government official
appeal - a court intended to reverse a decision

to double (verb) - to make it   x 2  ("times 2" - twice the size)
to acquit - to no longer accuse and let them free
Wefaq's Sheikh Salman - photo AFP