Residents and asylum seekers at Bautzen's central square - photo AP
Approximately 80 residents of the eastern German town of Bautzen have brawled with 20 asylum seekers at the town's central square. The residents chased the asylum seekers who ran to their hotel and were put under police guard. 

Police have described the brawling residents as "far-right" and said they claimed that the asylum seekers were taking over the town's central square. 

Over the past year, Bautzen has become a hotbed of anti-asylum seeker sentiment, as Germany has so far accepted 1.1 million refugees. 

locals - people who live at a place
residents - people who live at a place
approximately - not exactly but close
to brawl - to fight as a group (with another group)
asylum seeker- a person looking for safety in another country

to take over - to control
refugees - asylum seekers

hotbed - a place where something (negative) quickly grows 
anti- - against
sentiment - feelings

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