Qandeel Baloch - photo by BBC
Authorities and family in Pakistan on Saturday say social media star Qandeel Baloch has been strangled to death allegedly by her brother in an apparent "honor killing". She was 26.

Baloch had been a source of controversy in Pakistan for her posting of what some have described as bold, racy and/or raunchy photos and videos of herself on social media. 

social media star - someone who is popular (star) on the internet / tv / radio (social media)
to strangle (verb) - to kill by squeezing the throat to cut off air passage
allegedly (adverb) - what people think is true but there is no proof given yet

apparent (adjective) - what seems to be true but not yet proven
controversy (noun) - great disagreement, often public
bold (adjective) - daring; not worried about the consequences / results

racy (adjective) - mildly sexual
raunchy (adjective) - sexually vulgar, immoral, etc.; "dirty"

Qandeel Baloch on social media - photo by samaa.tv