USA President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the state funeral of Shimon Peres - photo by BBC video
Leaders from around the globe paid their respects to Israeli statesmen Shimon Peres at his state funeral in Jerusalem on Friday. Peres died on Wednesday after suffering a stroke at 93 years old.

Attendees of the funeral, held at the Mount Hertzl nation cemetery, included Prince Charles, U.S. President Barack Obama, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
"Shimon never saw his dream of peace fulfilled," President Obama said in a eulogy. Eulogies were led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Peres was the ninth President of Israel, serving from 2007 to 2014. He was also the Prime Minister of Israel twice, twice the Interim Prime Minister, and a member of twelve cabinets. 
His political career spanned nearly 70 years.

stroke - a sudden blockage of blood to the brain
to span - to extend as a timeline
OPEC has decided to limit production and oil prices rise - photo origin unknown
OPEC has agreed to limit the production of oil in a meeting in Algiers on Wednesday. Oil prices immediately surged by 6% after the announcement. 

If the limitation is carried through, this will be the first time oil production has been reduced since 2008.

According to the agreement, OPEC countries plan to reduce production from 33.4 million barrels per day to 32.5 million. The largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is expected to give up 350,000 barrels per day, while the reductions for the other countries will be decided in November.

Iran, Nigeria, and Libya are exempt from the deal and will not be expected to lower their production.

In mid-2014, oil prices were as high as $100, but an oversupply of oil over the last two years has seen prices drop to as low as $26 a barrel in February 2016. Recently, however, prices have steadied to around $47 a barrel.

to cut - to lower / decrease (doing an activity)
to surge - to suddenly rise / increase
limitation - a restriction of any further action
to carry through - to allow to (fully) happen
according to _ - as stated / indicated by_
exempt - free from following a rule, regulation, etc.
to steady - to become stable
The World Trade Organization has lowered its 2016 global trade forecast - photo origin unknown
The World Trade Organization has cut its forecast for global trade growth to a rate of 1.7% for this year. 

The new rate is only two thirds of their previous estimation of 2.8% and marks the first time in 15 years that international commerce was lower than global economy growth. This is also the slowest rate since the 2009 financial crisis.

The WTO says the rate reflect a slowdown in China and a decrease of foreign goods imported into the USA.

WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo has expressed concern in a six-monthly trade outlook report. A quote of him in the report says, "We need to make sure that this does not translate into misguided policies that could make the situation much worse, not only from the perspective of trade but also for job creation and economic growth and development which are so closely linked to an open trading system."

Reuters reports that at one point, global trade was growing 1.5 times faster than gross domestic product, and twice as fast when globalization picked up in the 1990s. However, trade will grow only 80% as fast as the global economy this year. 

The WTO said this is the first reversal of globalization since 2001 and only the second since 1982.

European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom, speaking alongside Azevedo said that many people do not feel included in trade policy debates any more, and that, “there’s a growing anti-globalization movement. There are fears, questions, and we also see the figures that you presented this morning that absolutely give reason to be concerned."

The WTO has also lowered its expectations for 2017 global growth. 

international - between different countries
forecast - an estimate (educated guess) about a future condition/situation

estimation - what you think/guess the number will be
commerce - buying and selling, especially on a large scale

reversal - suddenly going in the opposite direction
to not feel included - to not feel like people are accpeting / listening to you
global - as one world-system
globalization - toward a one-world system of economy, government, etc.
trade policy debates - discussions about making rules about trading internationally

An attacker with a rifle killed 5 people at Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA, USA - photo by AP
A gunman carrying a rifle entered a Burlington, Washington shopping center on Friday night and opened fire killing at least five people.

The gunmen fled the scene and is still at large with the rifle.

Shots were heard in the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington at around 7 pm as people began hiding in dressing rooms and locking doors to stores. The mall was evacuated at around 8:30 pm. 

Four woman and one man were killed all in Macy's Department store.

The attacker is described by police as a "Hispanic male wearing grey" and was last seen travelling toward Interstate 5 motorway.

the scene - the place where the incident happened
at large - still free from (police) but wanted by the police

dressing room - a room in a store where people try on clothes
to evacuate - to suddenly leave an area (as a large group of people) because of danger
Police describe the suspect as a Hispanic male wearing grey - photo by AP
The wife of Keith Lamont Scott has released her private video of the incident of her husband's killing - photo from Scott Family video
The wife of Keith Lamont Scott, the black man shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, has released her private video of part of the incident to media. 

While the video does not show the actual shooting, police can be heard telling Scott, "Drop the gun!" and Scott's wife can be heard telling police to not shoot her husband, that "...he didn't do anything..." and that "...he doesn't have a gun."

Police were originally in the area to serve a warrant to someone else, when they engaged Scott because they saw him leave his car with what they claim looked like a gun. Scott's family insists that he was only carrying a book.

Charlotte officials have not yet released police dash-cam footage of the incident. 

Following three days of protests in Charlotte that have turned violent, mayor Jennifer Roberts has imposed a curfew from 12 am to 6 am in the city. 

A state of emergency in the city was declared yesterday.

to serve a warrant - to arrest someone wanted by police
a warrant - an official document from police that orders them to arrest someone
dash-cam footage - video taken from a police car
to impose - to make it happen and give people no choice
curfew - a law that declares a time limited that people are allowed to be outside in public
Protesters are throwing bottles, fireworks, and gun shots were heard during demonstrations against the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott - photo by BBC video
Public displays of violence and rage over the recent police shooting of a black man continue in Charlotte, North Carolina as the governor has declared a state of emergency in the city.

On Tuesday, Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a black officer causing public protest in the city and throughout the country. Scott was the third USA black man shot by police in a week.

The police shot Scott as they saw him leave a car with a handgun. Police said they told Scott to drop the gun several times before he was shot. The Scott family, however, claims he was carrying nothing but a book. Dash-cam footage is still being reviewed by officials. 

It is legal to carry a gun in North Carolina, but a permit is required to carry and conceal it.

Protests in Charlotte began peacefully yet became violent the second day as protesters started throwing bottles and fireworks at police, destroying property, looting, and gun shots were fired and one person injured.

Riot police are using tear gas as they are facing hundreds of protesters at once.

Police have reported four officers injured so far.


display - a showing
rage - intense anger
governer - the leader of a state of the USA
state of emergency - a declaration of a very dangerous situation in a particular area

dash-cam footage - video taken from a police car
a permit - a special license allowing someone to do something legally

to conceal - to hide 
property - things people own (cars, bikes, buildings, phones, houses, etc.)
to loot - to break and steal during a mob
riot - a large, uncontrollable mob (group) of people causing violence and havoc (trouble)
tear gas - special chemicals released to make people cry and run away

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Riot police are using tear gas amid violent protests in Charlotte, NC - photo by Brian Bianco / GETTY
A convoy of aid trucks is attacked by aircraft near Aleppo - photo AFP
The United Nations has suspended all further aid to Syria after a relief convoy carrying supplies was attacked by an airstrike killing at least 20 people. 

The convoy was delivering food and blankets to the town of Uram al-Kubra, west of the northern city of Aleppo. Aid officials say it was hit as it was unloading the supplies.

The attack comes after the USA and Russia announced a brokered ceasefire in the region last week.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has described the incident as a “sickening, savage and apparently deliberate attack”.

While the USA has blamed Russia for the attack, Moscow has not admitted any responsibility, yet Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov did say that Russia had been monitoring the convoy. 

to suspend - to (temporarily) stop
relief - aid, help, rest
convoy - a group of vehicles travelling together (for protection)

airstrike - an attack by plane
aid - help (food, medicine, etc.)
brokered - negotiated
ceasefire - a stopping of (military) attacks

to monitor - to watch carefully (for wrongdoing)

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Ahmed Khan Rahami, the attacker that exploded a bomb in NYC, receives medical treatment by USA staff -photo by WABC video
The man suspected of detonating a bomb in New York City and planting one in New Jersey has been shot by police and is now in custody. 

Ahmed Khan Rahami, 28, a USA-citizen originally born in Afghanistan, is undergoing surgery and receiving medical treatment in New Jersey.

A tavern-owner found Rahami sleeping in a bar's doorway in Linden, New Jersey and called police. When they arrived, police engaged in a shootout with Rahami, who shot two officers, one in the hand, and another in the chest, before he was shot and arrested.

The FBI said that they are not looking for any more suspects at the moment. 


to detonate - to set off (a bomb)
to plant - to put something (danergous) somewhere and leave it
in custody - being held by authorities (police)
tavern - a bar

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The Minnesota shopping center where an attacker screaming "Allah" stabbed eight people - photo by AP
An attacker screaming "Allah" has stabbed eight people at a St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA shopping mall.

The attacker, who asked people if they were Muslim before he stabbed them, was shot dead by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction. 

There are reports that the attacker was wearing a private security firm uniform.

to stab - to pierce someone's skin, muscles, bone, etc. with a sharp object (knife) and wound them 
off-duty - not working at their job at that moment
jurisdiction - an area of a city covered by police, lawyers, judges, etc.

private security firm - a company that provides safety officers that are not police officers
uniform - the (same) clothing worn by staff employees, police officers, military people, etc.

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New York City fire fighters on the scene after an intentional explosion in Chelsea - photo by Umar Abbasi / Reuters
An explosion in the Chelsea area of New York City (NYC) has injured at least 29 people. None of the injuries appear to be serious. 

The blast occurred at around 1:00 am Sunday. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the incident was "intentional" but its cause and motive have not yet been determined. 

Some reports say the explosion, which blew out many windows and was heard from several blocks away, was set off in a garbage can.

A second bomb in a pressure cooker was found several blocks away. 

blast - an explosion
intention - not done by accident

motive - the reason for doing something
to determine - to know 100%

a block - a (square) section of city streets
The point of explosion in NYC on Sunday - picture from CCTV video

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